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What Failure teaches You

One of the most unenjoyable and challenging situations for anyone is when we fail. We can fail in a relationship, business project, professional, personal or academic, and there is no distinction between failure they all equally feel bad. When our plans don’t play out how we envisioned, we can also become more susceptible to depression losing our ability to focus on building a better business. Nobody likes to fail, but it brings us great lessons that we would have otherwise not learned.

More than seven years ago, I decided to leave my safe and sustainable job when I graduated from college. I passed my real estate exam finally after my second try, and I was ready to make big money! I thought! I came in when the market was in decline, with no experience in sales and microscopic tolerance for rejection I came in that year selling a whopping 5 houses. I fell back behind on the rent several months but was blessed not to be kicked out because of the kindness and generosity of one of my aunts who believed in me despite my poor results. If there was an award for the worst real estate agent, I think I would have won. Too bad there wasn’t ;-).

I made an income below the poverty level that year, but I don’t regret this because it prepared me for my successes today. I also learned about the real estate market cycle and was blessed to buy my first cash flow generating piece of real estate as a result of the experience. Had I not had such poor results I probably would have had a piece of real estate that I would have regretted.

Just like you I have had many failures in business and with relationships, and I have a feeling there will be a bit of a failure ahead too. I’m not pessimistic; I am embracing that whatever comes my why I have it. I am not alone.

I often failed in love until I found the love of my life. Have you been there? If you are there, don’t worry all will be well. I was in a relationship because I thought I needed some validation. The only validation I need today is to know I am doing all I can to build better businesses and a better world.

Remember, a diamond “is born under conditions of extreme pressure and temperature and this is how it transforms into a beautiful stone.” The key to overcome any failure is to recognize that to change into in that beautiful diamond you’ll have to have more than one failure. Life without risks uncovers only the surface of what you can accomplish with your life.

Failure is one of the best teachers, which will open doors to better opportunities. Listen with your eyes and your heart and you will see them. Behind every failure is a blessing. Continue to take BOLDER risks this week!



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