I Build Better Businesses because I believe businesses are the catalyst to better communities, better families, better jobs and better people. Since a young age, I knew I wanted to change the world and make it a better place. I have led Speech Teams, Youth Groups, within Fortune 500 companies, and I have inspired others to believe in doing more because I know they can. I will help you achieve better results for your life and your business. Any hard-working entrepreneur like yourself needs a partner and a mentor to reach the next level. You can rely on my over 15 years building teams and maximizing results for organizations and businesses. If you want to drive better outcomes, I invite you to work with me on a coaching level. Before beginning any relationship, we will evaluate if we will be a good fit for each other. Initial coaching evaluation is available. Book Here. 


I have been speaking since I was 13 years old. Since then I knew I was called to speak in front of audiences. My favorite part of speaking is at the end of the presentation when listeners share with me that something has resonated with them and will spark action hence producing better results for themselves and their organizations. I use my gift of speaking to inspire and drive better outcomes for business teams and individuals and speak on leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, and personal development.


When organizations are small, there are many things you can handle, when you grow there are things you can no longer keep an eye on like you used to. I have been working in organizations with hundreds and tens of thousands of people, and my soft skills have taught me what it takes to build a stellar team. An initial business consultation is available to assess your needs.

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