How to increase sales in economic downturn

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How to increase sales in economic downturn

A bad economy can be caused by a life change or change in the global economy.

It can be demoralizing for a business owner to know that clients are not rushing in at the same speed as they did before.

So what do you do when you are facing an economic downturn to increase your sales?

#1 You need to focus your mind on the results you want to obtain.

If you focus on the problem, I can guarantee you that what will happen is that your sales will continue to go in a downward spiral.

#2 Try new marketing strategies to bring up your sales.

If you keep doing the same thing, you will get….

The same results!

So try something different try new strategies. Today there are so many mediums and tools to get out your message! After growing a global entrepreneur community to over 89,000 subscribers on YouTube, I know.

#3 Create processes & systems to make it easy for your customers to work for you.

Buyers are tired of sales professionals and businesses that are inefficient.

If businesses want to gain new customers or retain existing ones they need to be at the level of the Amazon’s and Apple’s of the world.

The great news is that its not hard if you know how to leverage the right tools and systems to support the stage that you are in your business. You can even have a modern company intranet today for Free with tools such as 

As always I am here to see you succeed with your business!

Do you have something to add to the conversation? Great! Share with the #positiveimpact community, what you are doing to grow your sales? Are there are unique challenges you are facing today?




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