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How to overcome your fear

How to overcome your fear

We all have fears, but I know you are here because you want to find a way to break through them.

With that in mind, I created this video for you where I share with you 3 strategies to overcome your fear:

Strategy #1 Feed your mind and spirit.

Fear creeps in, like a little ant in the summer time. Negative self- talk has immediate access to flood your mind. The best way to self guard against this is to give yourself an extra dose of positive vitamins. The vitamins, are positive messages and rituals that will help you see opportunities, where your fear wants you to focus on the obstacles.

Keep listening to great YouTube shows, podcasts, read books and stay connected to communities that help you grow.

Strategy# 2 Gotta move into your fear to overcome it!

Face the fear head on! Take action precisely into what you are afraid of! Maybe you are afraid of massive success or a massive failure. Regardless of what it is, the only way you will grow is if you face the fear face forward.

Strategy #3 You may fail and look ridiculous! Accept it.

Failing is part the risk you must take if you want to play a bigger game. Do not give up on yourself before you try. Are you good enough to achieve your goal right away? Probably not, but will happen if you never start. Nothing will happen for you. Please don´t be of those that with days to live say, I wish I could have…

If you start today, you can say in those last days, I am glad I did! You can overcome your fear!

Remember, as always, I want the best for you! I believe you can use your own voice, to increase your profits and impact!

See you in the comments below! – Tanya Flores, Founder of Positive Impact Academy



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