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How to overcome failure

Failure is fantastic!

Let’s be honest that is not usually the immediate feeling we get after we fail. Usually, we lounge around in our depression because of our lack of success. We cry excessively in private or feel afraid to try anything new.

The beauty is that we can overcome failure. Overcoming failure doesn’t always mean that by trying again we will win.

There are times you will win, but there are times you will fail.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says in “Change your Thoughts Change your World,” we must accept that life is cyclical this way a low point in your life is just a low point, not a devastating event that needs to push us into depression.

If we lose love, we must not become sad, but rather welcome the opportunity to close that chapter in our lives. If we fail in business, we can appreciate it to lead us to better business opportunities. If we fail to achieve any goal, we can try via a different route or try a different goal and “that is okay!”

You don’t have to prove that you are successful by achieving everything or anything. You prove you are successful by welcoming failure and embracing it in the best form. This is how you overcome failure. Failure becomes your friend, and it blesses you.

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