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How to have irresistible business cards

Do you remember when you received your first business cards? I do.

I was a leader of a youth group and was doing a lot of networking. I figured having business cards would make it quicker to hand out my information. I went to my local Sam’s Club and bought myself some sheets to print my business cards at home. That was my first design job.

The cards worked fairly well for high school, but now that I older I have cards that wow others. That’s how your cards should be. They should speak highly of you and your business. That does not mean you have to invest a fortune in them.

As business owners, we are constantly networking, whether it is to increase our sales or more brand recognition and have the best-looking business cards is key. In this short video, you will learn some useful tips and resources you can use to have irresistible business cards, without spending a fortune.

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I would love to hear, how do you use or plan to use your business cards to attract new business?

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