Are these excuses stopping you from getting up early?

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Are these excuses stopping you from getting up early?

I work better at night.
I’m too tired.
The kids kept me up at night.

I have been there. I had all these excuses before I decided that if I wanted to grow my business and take better care of my family. I knew if I was going to join the top performers club I needed to drop them. I needed to get up early just like all the top performers in the world.

I work better at night.

I had this excuse for years. I would do the all-nighters that honestly left me worse of the next day because I could not function. If you have pulled an all-nighter, you know what I mean. You know yourself better than nobody, but you have to be honest with yourself. Do I truly work better at night or do I just not want to get up early? I began to notice that when I worked late at night I would rely heavily on coffees. The next morning I was worse off; I woke up late and was rushing the girls out the door. We were all pretty irritable in the mornings, but it all started with my crankiness.
If you are in a better mood your family members and a team are happier too. We all operate based on energy, and the strongest energy tends to spread like wildfire even if it’s not the best emotion. 😉 So if truly nothing happens in the morning with your all-nighters than kudos to you but if you notice your morning crankiness than it’s probably time to make a shift in work schedules.

I am too tired.

This excuse was true, I was very tired in the mornings, but it was because I glued myself to work late at night on the computer. On many nights, I would also have Netflix binge episodes. I am not much of a tv person, but once I pulled those all nighter I couldn’t get myself to sleep so when I woke up I was really tired. The other thing that had me with such low levels of energy in the morning was the food I consumed the day before. I would have my daily trips after work to Dunkin Donuts. I was a loyal customer for many years and bought into their captivating slogan America Runs on Dunkin’, but the truth is I was doing no running on the sugar and calorie filled donuts I ate. The sugar you consume dramatically affects your energy levels and your health so play close attention.

The kids kept me up at night.

One of the worst excuses we can use as parents is our kids, and I used them. I decided to drop this excuse, and this was the break through moment to early rising for me. I affirmed, “I am the parent, and it is up to me to set up a going to sleep ritual, so they are in bed early, so I can sleep early.” Prior to my adjustments, my kids slept at 11-11:30 pm on most nights. They couldn’t sleep because I gave them sugar filled snacks late at night, and I put them to bed at 9 pm. If you have kids, you have probably noticed that they need time to wind down. I now begin the sleep ritual at 7 pm so that they can get be sleeping by 9 pm. We are still not down to perfection, but we have come a long way. Mornings today are more peaceful, I am happy and less tired.

By giving up the excuses, I sleep by 10 pm and I get up at 4 am. I am building better dreams and businesses all thanks to God and early rising. Remember to look for ways around your excuses. I am sure there is more than 1 dream on hold because you fail to get up in the morning. Wishing you a beautiful week and early rising!



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