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3 keys to lead a successful business

Leading a company is not an easy task, that is why not everyone takes on the challenge to own their own business.

For those of us that do, we know we are in it to make a bigger impact. We will do what is necessary to succeed.

In today´s video, I focus on 3 keys to help you lead a successful business. I offer valuable insight that you can start using today with your team.

The values are simple:

  • Constant Communication.

    Your team players need to understand at all times, where the finish line is. If there is no clarity, there will be a lack of focus and the results will be mediocre.

  • Clear Vision & Mission.

    There was a day when setting up shop and selling x product was enough. That is no longer the case. The market is saturated with look-a-like businesses. In order for you to stand out you need to know exactly, what you do and WHY. When you know, and your team knows, you create commitment. You build passion, you have a force that is unstoppable.

    If your vision & mission, is no longer aligned with your goals and objectives it may be time to get back to the drawing board. Fortune 500 companies reassess where they are in comparison to their vision & mission and you should too as a small business.

  • Humility, also known as Level 5 Leadership.

    To be a leader that dictates for the sake of the title does not create lasting growth. For your team to give it their all, you need to show them you are in the trenches with them.


    Are you running a company today? What are your main challenges leading? I look forward to reading your questions and comments.



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